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Hi there I’m Bianca, photography has been a passion of mine for many years, but until recently has been something I only shared with my closest friends and family. For me photography and travel go hand in hand and my goal is to seek out beautiful scenes in new places, find new perspectives, and celebrate the finer details of the world around us. It is my intention to create inspiring wall art and products that add to the quality and character of your home, so check out the link to my Society 6 shop below, and follow me on facebook, and instagram to get updates on my latest images, and products/packages. Throughout the process of creating my website and learning about online business I have developed an interest in branding, and subsequently personal branding photography. I love the idea of being able to create images that help others to tell the story of themselves and their brand and can be used to establish a brand which is authentic and relatable in order to build a solid following.

The Lensing about Australia blog is where I share tips and tricks to help you with your photography, I also share my travel experiences and ideas and plan to take you behind the scenes with upcoming personal brand photography service and provide some tips for branding photography.  Welcome and thankyou for following me.

Lensing about Australia. Border Collie.

Meet my ‘faithful shadow’ Willow the Border Collie, and the inspiration behind the Lensing about Australia logo. Her boundless energy and enthusiasm for life never cease to amaze me, and she is always leading the way on our travels. 


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